NYC Diesel Shatter Nerrl From Private Dealer (DleafSmoke)


Dleafsmoke is reviewing some Hammond fire!  This definitely looks like a step up from the MOM services you were having to use!  –Tokeahontas

Submitted By:
Camera Used:
Evo 3D
Strain Name:
NYC Diesel Shatter
Supposed to be an Original Diesel backcross
Private Dealer Personal Stash
A+. This was a special request item that turned out incredible
Concentrate - Tink shatter that held up for 2 weeks without any changes in texture or consistency
Price G:
$150 for a half ounce. I only took a few pics before handing it over to be run.

Buds-> An obvious sativa dominant hybrid, the buds were dense with nicely foxtaining tips that resembled lots of little claws.  The buds are covered in trichs and hairs, so much so that it was difficult to see much green.
Oil-> Out of the vac chamber an incredible clear shatter emerges.  It is a true golden color that seems to sparkle.  100% stable shatter that has stayed this way for 2 weeks while sitting out on a table on parchment.  In thicker areas, the oil only slightly darkens.  In this batch, only 1 piece of plant material was found.


This is the first time I have had NYC Diesel.  I have always been a fan of Sour D and when I was told what was available I had my friend put the NYC on hold.  It has an earthy sour to it, like finding oozing mushrooms out in a forest.  Both the buds and the oil are very stinky and hold on to this sour funkiness that reminds me of skunk strains.


It’s like Sour Diesel on overload with a hint of Hindu Kush.  The vapor is much heavier feeling than Sour D, especially for a sativa as I usually find them to be a lighter vapor.  A strong soured fruit taste lingers with you for a few minutes that can become slightly acidic after a few dabs.

Buzz Type:

This is a very strong sativa that borders more along the pyschadelic creative high than any type of alert anxiousness.  I found myself exploring some older video games and spending times doing some Nuggetry reviews.  This strain really kept me going through the day and I could even rely on it for a pick me up at night without getting any type of stress or pressure.

Buzz Length:

Like most sativas, I don’t feel that the buzz really lasts that long.  I really enjoy the buzz but find that on a day off I will go through almost double the oil.


This was the first time that I had no real hand in making my own oil while being there for the push.  I carried a skillet and opened a door twice, lol.  The quality of the errl was truly incredible.  We ran exactly 14 grams and got back 3.1 which is a great yield and what I do expect from AAA grade material.  I was super stoked to find out that this strain was available.  I am always looking to try something new and this is one I really enjoyed.  The flavor and smell are quite unlike most of the heavy Indicas I smoke and this was a great break from the usual. –Dleafsmoke

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  1. says:

    on Mar 6, 2013

    Hell ya sounds awesome

  2. says:

    on Mar 6, 2013

    Awfully bubbly there

    • says:

      on Mar 6, 2013

      It actually had very few bubbles what you are seeing there is textures, all of those "bubbles" are completely open on 1 side and more like tiny craters

      • says:

        on Mar 6, 2013

        Great review and sounds fire but in the 1st pic I can't lie I see a shit ton of bubbles

        • says:

          on Mar 6, 2013

          what you can "see" and what actually is can be 2 different things, its hard to describe this texture, it was rock hard shatter with dozens of craters scattered through. I actually really enjoyed playing with this shatter because of its unique texture.

          Also purge method was 30 minute bath 1.5 hour vac, pic 4 is it in the vac chamber.

          • says:

            on Mar 6, 2013

            Great review!

  3. says:

    on Mar 6, 2013

    My fuck that is beautiful! Who cares about a few bubbles i just creamed my pants!

  4. says:

    on Mar 7, 2013

    Looks tasty, good review.

  5. says:

    on Mar 7, 2013

    looks fabulous, love the last pic of the nuggets

  6. says:

    on Mar 9, 2013

    How did you run and purge this? Looks great at any rate and nice review.

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