Pineapple Cough & Snoop’s OG Wax From N. Hollywood (CJ3393)

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Pineapple Cough (left)(dark) & Snoops OG (right)(honeycomb)
Pineapple x strawberry cough & not sure about Snoops Og
N. Hollywood Collective
A+. I don't like to grade my concentrates this high, but I had to for the price
Concentrate - Wax. A+ for stability, easy to work with
Price G:
$50 for 2 grams, FTP

Pineapple Cough BHO (left, dark) reminded me of a full melt hash because of the dark hue and almost wet texture.  This wax was easy to get on a dabber.

Snoop’s OG(right, honeycomb) is porous, with honeycomb holes from being purged.  This wax is a dark yellow honey mustard color.  The darkish yellow color leaves me to think it may have been overheated while purging.


For some odd reason the Pineapple Cough (left) completely reeked of Parmesan cheese.  I was a bit worried that the cheesy smell (having completely contradicted the name) would carry over on the flavor.

I was a bit disappointed to find that the Snoop’s OG (right) had little to none of the musky lemon skunk aroma you would expect from a typical OG budder.  Instead, that musky fuel aroma was replaced by a passive scent of wheat grass and tea, leaving me to think this was made from trim leaves and not from good material. S#%+.


As I threw the Pineapple Cough (left) onto the Ti nail, I was relieved to find that the Parmesan cheese aroma was completely absent and replaced my taste buds with an overwhelming tropical pineapple citrus exhale.  Like diced pineapples.  A great flavor but unfortunately the strawberry isn’t there.

Unfortunately the Snoop’s Og’s (right) smell wasn’t saved by the taste.  The flavor was extremely bland and smooth on inhale and tasted like lemongrass on the exhale but left a gross aftertaste on the tongue that tasted like old tea and grass. Gross.

Buzz Type:

I received an extremely colorful high with light sativa effects and a great mood lift from the Pineapple Cough (left).

The Snoop’s OG packs a punch leaving you with a strong head high while also delivering great cerebral effects.  Overall, I would say this wax gives off an even high.  It’s a typical hybrid with an even high.

Buzz Length:

Both concentrates had a long lasting high.  Close to 3 hours.  I usually experience much longer effects with concentrates than flowers.


Good concentrates for a great price.  I couldn’t complain.  –CJ3393

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  1. says:

    on Feb 22, 2013

    That dose not look like a very happy concentrate :\

  2. says:

    on Feb 22, 2013

    Nice write up bruh

  3. says:

    on Feb 22, 2013

    Never been a fan of 2 reviews in 1. Also don't agree with this grading at all, even with the price. Good descriptions though, thanks for sharing. Useful review.

  4. says:

    on Feb 22, 2013

    Sorry about that @Yinzer I will definatley fix my grading scale and won't do another 2-1 review. Thanks for the feed back take care

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