Skywalker OG Budder From The Lab (g-funkfoa)


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Skywalker OG Budder
The Lab
A+. This extract truly shows what a good starting product and good solvent will do in the right hands
Concentrate - Beautiful Crumble that is dry to the touch
Price G:
$50/gram. Properly priced for the quality products used to extract.

This looks like golden flakes of budder that are about the size of a deck of cards.  It has a great feel that is one of the easiest to work with.


This has literally the exact same smell as if you stuck 2 fat nugs of Skywalker up your nose and it touched your brain.


Again, I love the taste.  You definitely can tell was run with quality flower and n-tane.

Buzz Type:

Really fascinating high.  It starts off hitting you right behind the eyes and then gives you a really cerebral stoniness that screams Skywalker.  After that nice roller coaster ride, you get smashed with a heavy body high that sinks you into the couch.

Buzz Length:

Really nice length to this medication.  I had plenty of battles on BO2 with only 2 dabs.


Great extract.  I highly recommend checking this out when you can at The Lab.  You’ll know when they have it because the line will be long and the whole block will be smelling like Skywalker.  I love this strain.  It’s one of those waxes you want smoke 24/7 but don’t want to so that it’s a surprise but let me tell you it’s a one hit quit every time. -g-funkfoa

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    on Nov 26, 2013

    Nice looks fuego

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