Sour OG Wax From Studio City Private Organic Therapy (Chef)


Interesting texture.  Looks moist and rich.  –DankDiva


Submitted By: Chef (Member)

Camera Used: Sony Cyber-shot DSCS750

Name: Sour OG Wax

Genetics: Sour Diesel x OG Kush

From: Studio City Private Organic Therapy (DispensaryStudio City)

Grade: B+

Type: ConcentrateEar Wax

Price: $20/gram

Looks: Small, dark  chocolate colored chunks / crumbles, slightly wet and oily.  When smoked / vaporized you can see there is a very tiny amount of plant matter in the wax, but it is virtually nothing compared to even the very best water hashes.

Smell: Sour.  Makes the nose tingle, no OG smell at all though.  Reminds me of a mild version of a Warhead candy.

Taste: Just the same as the smell, sour and nothing else.  Easily overtakes the taste of anything it’s mixed with.

Buzz Type: Medium, seems to be almost a 50/50 hybridEnergetic and euphoric, but still somewhat sedating.  Great all day med, good for mood elevation and mild pain relief without being debilitating.  Mixed results for anxiety though.  Didn’t work for me, but it might for you.

Buzz Length: ShortMedium.  For users with a high tolerance, the strong effects from this concentrate tend to wear off within an hour and slowly fade, but with little to no burn out, I don’t notice the need to medicate for almost 2-3 hours.

Overall: Fairly happy with this concentrate, especially at that price, but the short buzz and tiny amounts of plant matter kept this from being on the A list.  –Chef

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  1. ayo


    on May 11, 2011

    My mouth is watering to have a taste, just one bite

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