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I find MOM services to be really interesting, but I think the #1 thing I’ve learned from Dleafsmoke’s recent reviews is that it’s a crapshoot every time you order.  –Tokeahontas

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Evo 3D
Strain Name:
Unknown Wax
Rockstar OG x OG Kush x Jack Herer
M.O.M Delivery Service
A. Every time I order, something totally different shows up but this stuff was really nice.
Concentrate - Wax. 3 grams came in 3 large wafers
Price G:
$150/ 3 grams +$20 shipping

A creamy tan set of waxy wafers was waiting for me when I got home. I was rather happy to see a new but decent looking product in the damn solo cup.  Different from either my crumble or the messy peanut butter, this was a thick slap of wax that chunked off really nicely for dunks.  Getting it on a dabber wasn’t the easiest, as it tended to crumble apart, but mashing the crumble together to form a dab worked great.

There is a slight honeycombing effect when a chunk is broken off.  This is extremely dense wax that acts more like shatter for the size of dab that is needed.


A very pungent fuely type of smell comes off of the overall 3 grams.  An individual dab allows you to pick out a mild pine tone as well. The delivery service provided me with the strains used to make this batch which was really nice of them.

It really has a heavy OG funk that fills the room and somehow the Jack just isn’t there. From past experiences Jack tends to dominate the flavor and scent field so this wax really took me by a happy surprise.


Much less taste than I was expecting after such a powerful smell. Mainly tasting the pine and a generic waxy flavor. On exhale the OG comes to play and the funk lingers in your mouth for a good view minutes after each dab. Not the best or most powerful tasting concentrate but a relaxing vapor that left me wanting more.

Buzz Type:

When I find creeper strains while dabbing I’m always thrown off as I expect the first immediate effects to be very telling.  With only a little pressure on my head and shoulders the only thing keeping me hopeful about the wax was the amount of clean expansion I felt.  My lungs were grasping short little breaths so I was very happy when the pressure on my head and shoulders increased and a euphoric daze set in.

Buzz Length:

I would do a dab every 2 hours to stay lightly medicated but would double dab quite frequently as the expansion just felt great. I would say that the wax had a ceiling of about 3 dabs before you tended to coast on that level before crashing.  The comedown wasn’t too terrible but left me quite nappy later in the day.


I have now been satisfied with the M.O.M providers wax and I really can’t beat the convenience of coming home to ready made dabs. I won’t be using this provider too often as I can make better product at cheaper cost, but I always know if I move, or for some reason I am unable to make my own extracts they are available with a decent quality product, especially for an online retailer.

I do wish that they would post the current wax strains they are using or really any info about their process.  Their website is basic but works as well as it needs to.  –Dleafsmoke

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  1. says:

    on Feb 28, 2013

    VERY Detailed review Thank you!! :D

    While im not a fan of wax much anymore my self due to the dabber issues u perfectly describe this batch looks pretty :D and ya did a great job reviewing it :D

  2. says:

    on Feb 28, 2013

    Haha:) we think alike with the vendor:) 20 dollar shipping reems though. I know its probably one of two sister sites i choose the less well know one she seems to have better service and products and i dont have to wait a week for an email response back.

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