White Widow Wax From Zen OC (Hustle_Lifted)

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Cell Phone
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White Widow
Zen OC (Dispensary - Anahiem)
Concentrate - Wax
Price G:
$30/half gram, $55/full gram

So I heard that Zen OC has stepped up their concentrate game as Crown Extracts (took 1st and2nd @ 2012 LA Cup) is now blasting their wax.

I walked in to see it empty, so I’m sent right in and all the wax is lined up like it’s the bunny ranch and I have the first choice.  So I go for this first, as I see light golden tan mini boulders, making my eyes widen as I pull it towards my face.  They look a bit hard, but smashed to the touch of a dabber.  Inside was a bit darker and seemed to make it more of a sticky wax texture.  Great for dunks and easy to work a chunk on the dabber


It’s kind of weird.  Like a sweet black tea with a musky hash smell.  These days you can’t be sure you have a real Widow strain, but the looks and smell had me sold and hoping I had made a good choice.


I decided to go with a couple dunks and got the Ti nail ready to do work.  There was a slight little crackle from some left over moisture and very little residue left over before my lungs were expanded by vaped smoke.  The taste was very hashy but there was also kind of a sweet bitter taste, almost like a guava, that came through.  This flavor had me wanting to give her another go, so I moved on to dunk two.

Buzz Type:

A good expansion that didn’t lock my lungs, but did give me a bit of a head sweat.  I got a warming feeling through my head before it worked its way down my shoulders, relaxing any anxiety in my neck.  My head felt a bit dazed for a minute before the euphoric type of high began.  The buzz was steady.  A few times I felt a bit lost in my own mind and couldn’t seem to keep one thought at a time.

Buzz Length:

Around 2 hrs after two Dabs


This was my first out of four waxes that I picked and it was for sure my favorite of them.  A great balance of a high that will lift the weight off your shoulders while giving a bit of a lost in the clouds type of feeling.  The comedown was a bit of a tired feeling followed by the urge to eat, but a quick snack of some smoked almonds seemed to clear the just woke up feeling, so I could get on the road to get the boys from school.
I might just keep my eye out for this again, as the BT did mention that it’s not on the shelf often.
Peace out

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  1. says:

    on Jun 28, 2012

    @Hustle killer review bro that widow wax looks good and ive been wanting to check out crown bjt good review

  2. says:

    on Jun 28, 2012

    a nother killer review.

  3. says:

    on Jun 28, 2012

    those are some beautiful golden nuggies. I need to get a hold of some wax like this when im in CO… Montana's concentrate game is severely lacking… i got some BHO a month ago for $35/g delivered but i already dabbed/smoked it all!

  4. says:

    on Jun 28, 2012

    Woot woot for the Crown Extracts!! I love that Barnie's also sells these exact same beauties, only they are MUCH closer to home for me. I currently have a few in my arsenal as we speak ;)

  5. says:

    on Jun 28, 2012

    Looked like a rock but broke up nicely. Need me a cool ass metal tool to prob and dig n my waxes to investigate their inner consistency

  6. says:

    on Jun 28, 2012

    Hit up Zen on wed/thursday for 20% off concentrates.

  7. says:

    on Jul 4, 2012

    I got a gram of this it was too crumbly i ended up takes huge ass dunks of it, it has excellent flavor and buzz was amazing.

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