More Diamond OG Kush

A while back I reviewed some Diamond OG Kush from Herbal Solutions Compassionate Caregivers.

While cleaning out my reviews file I just came across some pictures I took using a few different settings on my camera.

A few of the close up pics were taken with the camera looking through a big drafting magnifying glass that I have.

Diamond OG Kush

Diamond OG Kush

Diamond OG Kush

Diamond OG Kush

I did not realize until this morning how many random pictures I have of strains that I already reviewed. If I come across any that are worth seeing I’ll be sure to post them too.  –Chubbs

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Diamond OG Kush – The original review of the same bud pictured above.

Herbal Solutions – One of the medical marijuana dispensaries that I frequent most. Mainly because it’s close to my house.

OG Kush – I have no idea exactly where this strain originated but I do know that when grown correctly it is incredibly powerful.

Cracked Kush – I really like the the name Cracked Kush. Hopefully someone will stabilize this strain as I think it has serious potential.

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  1. Nuglife


    on Apr 29, 2010

    WOOOO HOOOOOO the first and only person to comment on these delectable superbly grown sensimilla nuggets.

    I love OG prob my favorite weed I dont discriminate on the cuts or pheno types they are all bomb in their own way :)

  2. says:

    on Apr 29, 2010

    Sorry Nuglife, I’m right behind ya…

    Geez, they don’t call it Diamond OG Kush for nothing! A good friend of mine is a really big OG fan (non-discriminatory as well over cuts/phenos), but I doubt even with all our connections put together, the easiest way we’d be seeing this beauty would be to head straight to the source – Herbal Solutions Compassionate Caregivers. *sigh* wishful thinking…

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