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Domeless Ti Nail (TopRank)

Image of Domeless Ti Nail (TopRank)
This nail has an incredibly deep cup and has amazing heat retention.  It stays hot forever.  I think this nail is great because, with how deep the cup is, you can dab outside and not have to worry about vapor loss.  It's also incredibly thick so the heat stays on the outside down low so your joint doesn't get too hot to the point you have to worry about cracking your piece over time. It's

Sovereignty King Stemline Bong (Hustle_Lifted)

Image of Sovereignty King Stemline Bong (Hustle_Lifted)
So, after knocking over my ZOB 18' stemline, I was on the search for a new Flower piece.  I’ve always wanted a Toro 7/13 but are a little out of my price range and I needed some new glass ASAP as all I had left was a 10 year old beaker bottom piece from Venice Beach.  After searching the internet with no luck, I decided to jump in the ride and see what was going on at High Priority.  Not much

Oil Rig Glass Piece (1000toes)

Image of Oil Rig Glass Piece (1000toes)
I love when people send in glass reviews!  Take a look at 1000toes’ oil rig. Submitted By: 1000Toes (Member and Editor) Make/Model: Make is unknown. Purchased At Kyf’s Creations in Southern Michigan. Height: 8" with the dome on. Length: 9" from mouth piece to the other side of the bulb. Base Thickness: 9" circumference at

Olympic Stemline (ErrlCampbell)

Image of Olympic Stemline (ErrlCampbell)
8.5/10 – This is my first glass review, and I know it is pretty basic, but for the past year+ this has been my dabbing daily driver. Other than when it was first purchased, the Olympic stemline is used for oil and oil only and I could not be

Zong Co 14” Bong (ThePassenger)

Image of Zong Co 14” Bong (ThePassenger)
WOW – I love these trippy bongs.  Just can’t imagine them for everyday use! Submitted By: ThePassenger (Member) Camera Used: Unknown Make/Model: Zong Co. Height: 14 inches Percolator: No Thickness: Unknown Ice Pinches: Not TECHNICALLY… Grade: B+ Comments: Now, I know Zongs aren’t exactly popular with the older, long-term patients, but can you really deny

SG Sovereignty Glass Gridded Downstem (420culture)

Image of SG Sovereignty Glass Gridded Downstem (420culture)
This is a great addition to any bong (better for straight tubes).  I currently have this on a zob 8-arm straight tube and without it, the bong will never hit the

SYN Bubbler (philly4life)

Image of SYN Bubbler (philly4life)
Thank you, philly4life, for all the great product reviews! Submitted By: philly4life (Member) Camera Used: Sony CyberShot DSC-930 Make: SYN Bubbler Model: Kettle Bubbler with Removable Bushing Downstem Price: $125-$200+ (based on working) Grade: B- Height: 14” Base Width: 6” Tube Thickness: 5 mm Base Thickness: 3-4 mm Joint Size: 18 mm Comments: The SYN

Sherlock Pipe (SkinZ)

Image of Sherlock Pipe (SkinZ)
Um…I may live to regret this but I am not editing SkinZ description of this pipe.  LOL Submitted By: SkinZ (Member and Editor) Camera Used: Panasonic DMC-TZ3 Name: Sherlock Pipe – aka “Holmez” Grade: A Made of: Color change glass. Dimensions: 8.5in long, bowl 2 inch bent of neck.  Weighs 82g/2.9oz. Price: $55/quarter Comments: I’m

710 Tools (ErrlCampbell)

Image of 710 Tools (ErrlCampbell)
Double Sided Spear/Wide Scoop Tool: This is a tool that dabbing has needed for some time.  Is there anything more annoying than getting down to the end of one of your favorite honeycomb or dryer consistency concentrate and the dabs won’t stick to the dabber?  Problem solved. You can use the spear to score a dab, or collect it all into one spot, then use the ¼ inch curved tool to scoop it up

Toro Macro Black Lip (Artinsheen)

Image of Toro Macro Black Lip (Artinsheen)
I LOVE this piece.  It truly is a great representation of what Toro has to offer.  Can't really imagine smoking flower out of the Toro, although they do sell Flower bowls.  This is my second Toro and I really like the quality of the glass.  You can tell that everything on the Macro is for function, yet it is aesthetically beautiful.  A rare combination. I give this piece a 4.8/5 because it