Smelly Proof Bags (Drewzilla484)

I have seen Smelly Proof Bags in head shops and always wondered how well they work. Thanks to Drewzilla484 I now know.  :)

Smelly Proof Bags

Submitted By: Drewzilla484 (Member and Editor)

Name: Smelly Proof Bags

Grade: B+

Sizes: 3×4, 6.5×6.5, 8.5×10, 12×16

Price: Varies. Appx. $0.30 – 1.00 per bag.

Comments: Smelly Proof Bags are double locking, re-useable, tear, wear, puncture and most importantly smell resistant bags. Now don’t go thinking these bags are a safe bet to stash your herb in and head to the airport because they are not. They will not hide your payload of dank from drug dogs but it will allow you to transport your stash without people around you catching wind.

Smelly Proof Bags do what they are made to do. Toss in your herb, seal it up and the odor is kept inside. They wear out pretty quickly but the odor masking ability does not seem to diminish. The think I do not like about Smelly Proof Bags is they tend to smash the herb. It kind of sucks to throw some nice nugs into a sack and have them compressed down a bit when you remove them.

Other than that, there is nothing wrong with these. They are a great product that I highly recommend. (Reason I gave them a B+ is because of the way they smash the herb.)  –Drewzilla484

Smelly Proof Bags

Thanks for the info. Like I said, I’ve been wondering about these and am now going to be getting some for sure. Every so often I need to be able to mask the scent of my dank. Like when checking into a 5 star hotel with the wife. Seems like I ALWAYS seem to stink up the lobby. :)   –Chubbs

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  1. says:

    on Feb 22, 2009

    Nice detailed review drew. I am a big fan of these as well. They are pretty much smell proof unless you got something real real dank in which glass air tight jars are the only option.

  2. demo11


    on Feb 23, 2009

    nice review, i was thnking about ordering some of these bad boys. if i get the largest size and want to store lets say 28g, how crushed would my bud be?

  3. xteezy


    on Apr 14, 2009

    So.. how do you think it’d do in the mail??

    • says:

      on Apr 15, 2009

      @xteezy: I am not a big fan of sending anything in the mail because if you get caught, it’s a federal crime.

      • Twylights


        on Jun 19, 2010

        Was just reading this and remember you talking about sending things to a hotel ahead of time guess that’a a bad idea too? I wonder if it’s in CA and your a mmj patient if they would but mail is federal and herb is not so I guess I answered my own question lol.

  4. randy


    on Dec 6, 2009

    I saw some in Amsterdam a couple of weeks ago that were silver colored and worked really well. There were two types. One was zip locked and the other were closed using a clothes iron. The ones using a clothes iron were thinner but much better. As long as your hands are clean when closing and ironing them there is NO smell. The zip lock ones worked very well without damaging the buds after walking and driving all day.

  5. Adventurous stoner


    on Jan 10, 2010

    Gonna pick some of these up next time I go to berkely. Haha seems like wherever I go there’s a sea of people wondering why it reeks like dank

  6. stak


    on Apr 30, 2010

    i had these bags recommended to me by a close friend. they do exactly what theyre supposed to. nice review

  7. Jeff


    on Dec 26, 2010


    I am a big supplier in the MMJ Colorado community and have been asked for the Smelly Proof bags. Do you know who the manufacturer is so I can buy volume of these bags?

    Thanks, Jeff

  8. Richard


    on Jul 2, 2011

    I’ve been selling these in the UK for about a year and I’ve never had a customer say that the bags have “smashed” any herb … Neither is it my own personal experience! All the feedback on them is great, they go down well! I really don’t understand why anyone would say that the bags will SMASH your herb …. must have some pretty scrawny bud if a 100 gauge plastic bag can do anything bur caress and care for your precious crops.
    Brilliant bags!!! … but ridiculously expensive (even in the States).

  9. says:

    on May 7, 2012

    FYI: plastic bags are only so effective. They work okay for short term use but ARE NOT dog proof. Plastic is permeable to oily molecules like weed smell. Try this simple experiment: put a few ounces of weed in one of these bags and seal it inside a plastic air tight box, like a cd box, and leave it for a week. You will smell weed when you open the box! The only bag I've seen that works is The Gonzo Bag. It uses a double-walled design with an activated charcoal filter in between the layers, so ALL odor molecules are absorbed onto the filter and never make it to the outer bag. They are reuseable and relatively cheap from I use Gonzo Bags exclusively for all of my shipping and storage. You can leave a pound inside one of these bags in the cd box for months and you will never smell weed. Ever. Give it a try. Cheap insurance, my friends, at $45 for a 1.5 lb capacity bag.

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